Affiliate marketing and best ways to earn money from it

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular form of passive income today among bloggers.

But what exactly is affiliate marketing? Is it real to be able to make money online?

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1. What is affiliate marketing?

In terms of MMO (Making Money Online), it may seem confusing but actually affiliate marketing has emerged in the life of us for so long, through the form of “commission” (commission) that the seller (A) pays the intermediary (C) every time the transaction between the seller (A) and the buyer (B) is successful.

The middleman (C) is neither the creator of the product (A), nor the buyer of the product (B), but simply a “bridge” between (A) and (B).

When the transaction is successful, (C) will receive a percentage of the profit from (A). Party (B) absolutely does not have to pay any other amount to (C).

2. Why is it so “hot”?

With the development of technology and the internet, today, it is no longer a luxury for an individual to create a website and publish content.

With only  nearly $100, you’ve got a website and domain name with Bluehost  (with a term of 3 years, calculated at $33/year, then renewed each year) and then you are free to do web and blog.

If in the past, blogging was merely a hobby, a way to share an individual’s thoughts/ tips/ experiences/ interests with the outside world, now, the concept of blogging is still going. with very attractive keyword: make money!

And affiliate marketing is one of the keys for you to open the door to the magical world of making money online: passive income! At this point, we have a new concept of passive income. What makes passive income different from other ways of making money?

3. What is Passive Income?

Different from making money… active, passive income is understood that you can still generate income even when you are sleeping!

Instead of spending 8 hours at the company every day, taking any day off minus your salary, with passive income, the only thing you have to do is create content and attach beautiful-links to it. special code (to attribute the source of access) and publish that content online. Then wait for the money to enter your account, even if you don’t need to turn on the machine to work!

Just somewhere someone is still… awake and clicks on that link, conducts a successful purchase and transaction, then wake up the next morning, your pocket is a little full again!

Of all the ways to make passive money such as running ads, affiliate marketing, selling online courses, selling software or certain digital products, etc., affiliate marketing is the simplest and easiest to do , even for beginners!

5. How to join affiliate marketing?

There are two ways: through the company’s Affiliate Program or through the Affiliate Network.


There are many sites where they claim to be Become an Affiliate or something like that. However, you should note that some sites have both a Partner Program and an Affiliate Program, the Partner Program is the place to register to become a product/service supplier, not a “trigger”!

With the trend of gradually shifting conventional marketing activities to online/digital marketing, more and more companies are applying this affiliate policy. Usually they leave a link to the registration page right on the homepage.

If you like a certain product/service and want to become an affiliate for them, the simplest way is to Google with the following phrase: product/service name + affiliate.

With the results and the link, you click and register directly with the company, wait for them to review and complete the remaining steps, you have become an affiliate of that company!

Usually, most companies apply the policy of only reviewing those who are using their products/services, not browsing extensively. This helps to increase the authenticity of the articles from the publisher and thereby increase the successful conversion rate.


Not every company has its own affiliate marketing program. A lot of companies choose to go through another third party, the Affiliate Network .

Simply put: Company A has an affiliate program A. When you register with A, you can only promote A’s products/services.

Meanwhile, the Affiliate Network is a place where, after successful registration, you can promote a series of partner companies with that Affiliate Network such as B, C, D … without having to spend time posting. signed with each company one by one.

There are also many companies that both have their own Affiliate Program and join the Affiliate Network to optimize sales.

6. Basic Steps for Beginners

You are a blogger and want to start making money online with affiliate marketing, but you don’t know where to start. Then let’s start here:


It’s as simple as this: It would be very wrong for a food blogger to introduce nail polish products, or a male blogger specializing in men’s lifestyle who is an affiliate for beauty products for the association. Your sister and aunt are also all wrong.

In short, whoever blogs/creates content on any topic should choose products on the same topic or related to that topic for affiliate marketing.


This is a required step. You must become an affiliate and own a link to be able to make money from sharing that link. Don’t make the mistake of just copying the normal link.


Usually bloggers have the following types of content to promote products/services through affiliate marketing:

  • Instructions on how to/steps to do something.
  • Review that product/service.
  • Mention that product/service in the article.
  • Compare products A and B or A, B and C.
  • Summary of products/services that blogger uses.

In general, content creation is limitless, as long as the content has to bring real value to the reader. A review that praises a super good product A must be able to say why it’s good, analyze its pros and cons, and make readers feel the benefits of owning that product!


Sharing content (on personal FB, email marketing, fanpage, groups with the same topic, SoMe …) to help increase traffic to your blog and articles.

Traffic doesn’t always mean high conversion rates. Traffic only really works with running ads. However, with traffic, it is possible that someone clicks on the link and conducts a transaction, but you write a blog post that no one reads, how can there be a transaction?

If no one buys or sells anything, how can bloggers get the commission?

Making money online or making money offline or any other form of making money is never easy. You don’t have to just set up a blog, write content, throw a link in and the money comes in immediately. All success requires perseverance. Persevere in experimenting, persistently getting up after every fall, persistently trying again after every failure.

If you are interested in getting a website and earn money, check out my articles on creating a website/blog!

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