Portugal to Vietnam by Train: Embarking on the Longest Land Journey

Embarking on an epic train journey is a dream for many adventurers, and there’s one that stands out as the ultimate land odyssey – traveling from Portugal to Vietnam by train. Covering a staggering distance of 17,000 km (10,563 miles), this remarkable expedition takes approximately 12 to 13 days to complete, offering an unrivaled opportunity to witness diverse landscapes, cultures, and the heartbeat of numerous countries. In this blog, we’ll explore the thrilling itinerary, costs, and the experiences that await those brave enough to take on the longest land journey.


Porto to Coimbra, Portugal (1h 30min):

The journey commences in the charming city of Porto, Portugal, known for its historic architecture and world-famous port wine. A short 1 hour and 30 minutes train ride, costing approximately US$9 to US$13, will take you to the picturesque town of Coimbra.

Coimbra, Portugal to Hendaye, France (11h – 12h):

Leaving the Iberian Peninsula, the train heads to Hendaye, France, a journey that spans 11 to 12 hours. As you traverse the French countryside, enjoy the evolving landscapes and the anticipation of the adventure ahead. The cost for this leg ranges from US$59 to US$72.

Hendaye to Paris, France (5h – 6h 30 min):

Next, you’ll whisk through the French countryside on a 5 to 6.5-hour journey from Hendaye to the iconic city of Paris. Marvel at the landmarks, indulge in French cuisine, and soak up the cultural richness. The train tickets for this leg vary between US$123 and US$180.

Paris, France to Cologne, Germany (4h 30min):

From the romantic ambiance of Paris, the train speeds towards Cologne, Germany, a journey that takes approximately 4.5 hours. Experience the seamless transition from French to German landscapes, and appreciate the efficiency of European railway systems. Ticket prices fluctuate between US$120 and US$250.

Cologne, Germany to Warsaw, Poland (10h):

As you delve deeper into Eastern Europe, the journey extends to Warsaw, Poland, with a minimum travel time of 10 hours. Witness the architectural contrasts and cultural nuances as you cross borders. The cost for this leg ranges from US$85 to US$224.

Warsaw, Poland to Moscow, Russia (20h):

The train now embarks on a 20-hour odyssey from Warsaw to Moscow, offering a glimpse into the vast landscapes of Eastern Europe and Russia. Explore the rich history and distinctive cultures along the way, with ticket prices starting at US$36 and going up to US$99.

Moscow, Russia to Beijing, China (6 nights and 7 days):

The longest stretch of the journey unfolds as the train traverses the vast expanse from Moscow to Beijing, a week-long adventure covering approximately 6 nights and 7 days. Marvel at the changing scenery, experience the unique cultures, and forge unforgettable memories. The cost for this leg ranges from US$805 to US$1130.

Beijing, China to Hanoi, Vietnam (39h 21min):

Leaving the Great Wall behind, the train heads to Hanoi, Vietnam, a 39-hour and 21-minute journey. As you cross into Southeast Asia, prepare to be enchanted by the beauty and warmth of the region. Ticket prices for this leg range from US$290 to US$310.

Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (32h – 35h):

The final leg of the epic journey takes you from Hanoi to the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Enjoy the diverse landscapes of Vietnam, from lush greenery to vibrant cityscapes, during the 32 to 35-hour adventure. Ticket prices for this leg vary between US$30 and US$80.

Embarking on the longest land journey from Porto to Ho Chi Minh City is a feat that promises an unparalleled adventure through diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories. As you traverse the 17,000 km, you’ll witness the seamless transitions between continents, savoring the unique charm each destination has to offer. While the journey demands both time and financial investment, the experiences gained and memories created along the way make it a truly once-in-a-lifetime expedition. For those with a passion for exploration, the train odyssey from Portugal to Vietnam stands as a testament to the enduring allure of overland travel.

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