Lavender bread – a special type of bread from Luberon, France

Have you ever heard of Lavender Bread? It’s a specialty of Luberon in France.


One of my friends revealed this type of bread in my French class and not just me but many other classmates, even the French teacher did not know about this bread. I am a fan of lavender and I did not think we would make bread with lavender. I could not imagine how it would taste. But once, we visited Apt, a small town in the Luberon region and we stumbled across this bread which was sold in a bakery in the center. I was quite suspicious of buying one because I did not know what it would taste. But it was quite good actually. The bread were made with sesame and small flower seeds. The smell of fragrant lavender was very pleasant. I learned the recipe for this bread. And maybe I will try and let you know the results soon!

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