Build a website – 3 important investments

When you start a business with a project in the traditional way such as opening a clothing shop, a coffee shop or a small restaurant, the initial investment cost can be up to hundreds of millions. So the revenue of the business is a matter of extreme concern.
However, all you need to initially invest in doing business online is only to build a website. How much does it cost to buid a website? Let’s figure it out!

A website is like a house, you will need these SIX most important components to build a website: a hosting (the land where the house is located), the Content management system (the structure of the house), a domain (the address), a theme (the design of the house), plugins (the utility of the house) and content (the interior and exterior decoration and furniture).

For the start, you don’t need to pay for the CMS, the plugins and the content.

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The only first investments which cost to build a website are:



Bluehost and Armada are the two best hosting providers. They provide their services with affordable price, good loading speed and extremely fast customer support service. In addition, they also has a lot of regular promotions.

They usually have different plans for you to choose from. One plan covers at least one year. The most economy one is enough for the start. It costs around $3 to $13 per month. It depends on the plan duration you choose.

You should take advantage of their big sales to upgrade your service plan or buy a 3-year plan right away cos it will save you a lot of money. Many of you think that it’s expensive to buy the 3-year plan. But believe me, it’s more economy as when the 1-year plan finish, you will have to extend it with the cost twice or even triple more expensive than the price of the promotion.


Before deciding to buy a domain, you need to think careful about the name you want for your website because it is one of the most important factor to make your website get more traffic. Namecheap can provide you with diverse and affordable domain name. It’s easy to have a domain in Namecheap and assign it in the hosting of other hosting suppliers. You also can buy a domain in Bluehost but the price can be a bit higher.

The average price of a domain name on Namecheap is from $4-$10, depending on the type of domain extension (.com, .net, .eu, .live, …) and niche/ topic and promotions.


In order to have a beautiful and easy to use website, you need a theme. It is designed according to different topics related to your business.

There are free and paid themes. But paid themes help your website to look more professional and they cover all the function needed.

If you are tech savvy, you can use the themes of Envato.

The themes of 17th Avenue Design and Blossom Theme are very easy to use and have very nice design.

The price of a theme can be from $30 to $70 per theme. Pay attention to check their conditions if one theme can be used for one website or many. Usually the themes of 17th Avenue Design can be used for many websites.


Those are the obligation fees that you have to invest to build a website BY YOURSELF. If you rent a service to build a website for you, it can cost you quite a lot.

If you are looking for a support to build a website free of charge, check it out here!

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