Vietnamese spring roll – Best way to roll it beautifully

Vietnamese spring roll: Vietnamese Nem (also known as Chả giò, Chả đa, Chả Nem in Vietnamese language) is one of the delicious and famous dishes of Vietnamese people. It is made from readily available ingredients like: pork, vermicelli, mushroom, egg… It has just been ranked in the list of the 10 favorite dishes of tourists around the world by the American television channel CNN.

In general, people in northern Vietnam call it the Vietnamese nem: Nem or Nem rán. In central regions, this dish is often called Chả or Chả cuốn. While in the south, Nem is called Chả giò… Nem is a traditional Vietnamese festive dish. There are several variations depending on whether the stuffing contains pork, chicken, crab or shrimp.

A lot of people having difficulty in rolling a “nem”. It’s true that rolling a nem is not as easy as it seems.

My brother in law who came all the way from Paris to Sainte-Valiere for my class of making nems. He learnt very fast and could make very beautiful spring rolls for the first time.

Let’s see how he makes a beautiful spring roll

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