Top 6 great benefits of owning a website

Website are for bloggers and companies; Websites can’t bring money; I have Facebook so there is no point to own a website, …. Those are what we usually hear when asking people why they don’t have a website. Even for a lot of bloggers, a website is a place for sharing their knowledge and experience to readers. Not all of them know the benefits they could gain from owning a website.

I was not an exception. I started my blogs in 2018 but it was just for sharing my passion of cooking and travelling. Just until recently, I figured out these top 6 benefits of owning a website. And of course I am very happy to share them with you.

1. Look more professional

Having a website, especially a well made one, will make you look more serious and ready to do business with all types of customers. That brings your business credibility. It also a good chance for you to compete with your competitors who don’t own a website.

2. Be independent from social media platforms

Using social media platforms for doing and spreading our business is great but depending on them totally is not a smart way to do business.

For example: You are doing your business totally through Facebook. But one day, your account is suspended and couldn’t be opened anymore, then what you will do? Start from 0 to create another network? So how to avoid that?

Why not creating a website for your own, in where you can do whatever you want with it with no rules like in the social media platforms. And we even can keep in contact and sustain their loyalty.

3. Increase prestige and value for the website through time

Once you own a website then by time, its value can be increased thanks to its traffic, the contents you shared and the prestige you earn from them. Besides, if one day you decide not to continue with it anymore, you can even sell it for a pretty fortune.

It’s like when you built a house or renovate one and it gets more and more valuable through time then you can sell it.

4. Maximize your incomes

There are ways for you to maximize your incomes by owning a website. Such as selling products or services, joining affiliate programs, using Skimlinks, adding banner adverts, using text links ads, sending emails to subscribers, publishing sponsored posts, reviewing products,…

5. Develop soft skills through building a website and add more value to personal profile

Building a website is not rocket science but it requires time, effort investment and certain skills to do that. Thus with all the knowledge and experience you could share, your readers and customers would be more loyal with you. Then you would also gain more and more readers and customers. All that will contribute to your profile to make looks better and more valuable.     

6. Save budget for ads by doing SEO yourself

A lot of business have to spend a lot of money to do Search Engine Optimization on Google, Bing or Coc Coc … to get customers their websites. However, you can save your budget on ads by applying SEO tactics yourself to improve your website ranking on those search engine and gain sales free of charge.

There is a saying that I love “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” and it works well for the ownership of a website. It means: Don’t put all your opportunities in one online platform but make use all of them. Don’t just earning money from one way but maximize it with as many ways as you can. Don’t stop yourself to one specialization but obtain other skills to maximize your chance in life.  

I hope after reading this articles of top benefits of owning a website, you will have more motivation to start create a blog if you haven’t have one, or to renovate your blog if you already have one if you are eager to drive more customers, revenue and value to your business.

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