Work with me

Besides the services of cooking class and blogs for sales, Chez Thao focuses on cuisine and travelling tips from an insider. Therefore, I’d love to collaborate with companies, brands, and products that share a similar mission of helping people to do the cuisine easier and travel hassle-free.

I also adhere to the Advertising Code of Practice Social Media, which means I ALWAYS mention advertorials or collaborations on my blog, as my reader expect and appreciate this honesty.

If you have a question related to my services, the best and fastest way to get a response is to drop me an email. Otherwise, please fill in the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible (normally within 1 – 3 working days).

Link placement

You can choose from the articles already published on my blog that suits your product/service best. Wish you any changes with text and/or photos, I can make a little tweaking for you.

Each link placement service comes with one (01) nofollow link in an existing article staying for one (01) year.

Price: $50/article/year. Lifetime placement: $100/articles (one-time payment).

Sponsored post

Customer will provide me with content, keyword(s) for SEO, and backlink. I will edit and/or make some changes (if needed) to make sure everything match the blog’s style. Price: $200/article, including one (01) dofollow link + nofollow links to the customer’s website.

Product review

I love to (honestly) review travel and cuisine related products/services. It can be either a full review article dedicated to the very product/service or combined with other content such as guide, tips, how-tos, etc. Each article will include one (01) dofollow link to the customer’s website/landing page.

Price: Customer will cover the cost of the product/service + $500/review article. All content (text, photos) can be used on the client’s website/SoMe/other marketing channels.